Individual, Couple and Family Psychotherapy · Adult, Adolescent and Child

Mark A. Simmons: Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Therapy for your Mind

Using the power of your mind to guide your decisions makes life much more controllable. Our self talk is often error-ridden, and filled with bad habits. A skilled outside party such as myself, using a Cognitive Behavioral Approach, can point these out, make a plan and put you on the mend.

Therapy for your Body

Often I see clients whose lives are out of balance, living in very unhealthy ways. I help them see that these self-inflicted obstacles are well within their control. With encouragement and guidance, they can be free of the old ways of living.

Therapy for your Relationships

I believe we must each take responsibility for ourselves. But we also exist in a system of relationships, and if these are unhealthy, so are we. I assess not only the individual, but the important ties in each person’s life. By working in this multilevel framework, I address the full depth of clients’ issues, not just the surface.

Pain shared is
pain halved.

Did You Know? Managing stress is a lifestyle, not something you do only when things are bad.